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December 26, 2012


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Polyvore update

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 10:10 AM
My friends,

As you can see, all bar one (which I have been assured by the Polyvore admin will be removed by tomorrow) of my works have been removed.

I thank you again for being there for me and supporting me through this nightmare, it means a lot to me. No doubt there are lots more of my works I've yet to find being butchered on there, I will report them as I find them to the respective admin. I've spent the best part of my day filling in report forms, my head feels like it's been tightened in a vice and my eyes feel like they've had sand thrown in them..

If you see your works on there report them immediately, don't bother arguing with the users, they are obviously going to respond negatively in the most part, this has to be expected, I too received an offensive email from one user who I won't name because it's quite obvious who I am referring too, I chose to ignore it, no need in feeding an uncontrollable fire...

We don't want a war, we just want respect, these people must realise that the work they are using in these 'sets' belongs to somebody?
I don't want  the rest of my days spent filling in copyright forms & chasing my works all over the internet!

I have read your comments and taken heed of a few of your ideas, so thank you for that.. I think a reduced size and a larger watermark will be used in my future works, I hate the things but if that's what is needed to keep these headaches away then so be it!

I've also noticed that my shadowness account seems to be the source used for lifting my work, so I am now seriously considering closing that account.

Once again, thank you kindly for all your words of support here :hug: :ahoy:

This is just a small collection, the deeper I look the more I find.… Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…   Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  Removed by admin… removed… Removed…  Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed… Removed…  Removed…   removed by admin…  removed…  removed… Removed…  removed… removed… removed… Removed… Removed…   Removed by admin…  Removed by admin…  removed

Maybe you will find your works here too?

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Tashee-Photography Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I'm a little behind on all my journals, so when you say they were supposed to be removed... at least one still worked and opened. I'd check again. Thought you ought to know.
sounds like losers run that site, that i have never heard of.... take care now Paul
babsartcreations Dec 29, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, Paul, Yes, Shadowness is the source, I saw :nod: I hope you are ok in this matter and maybe you are right about the Shadowness account!
Watermarks is a pitty, but it is the only way to protect your work! Take care sweetie :hug:
I am too scared to post there now, and some I have deleted, but it just links to my next picture.
It's fucking criminal that website.. I don't need to be chasing them, it's like that fucking Nexus place.. :hug:
babsartcreations Dec 30, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I know :hug: it is an endless story! It is like Nexus for sure, the same attitude!
I will leave Shadowness, because most of the Nexus people download from there too!
I am so sorry this is happening Paul, they really did a horrible job and it is arttheft they did!
I hope you're ok!
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