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Judas Über Alles

Sun Oct 22, 2006, 11:08 AM
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: German Military Marches
  • Reading: is in Berkshire...
  • Watching: My precious Hen
  • Eating: Egg n chips
  • Drinking: Wine spoo de odee
die lieben Gäste... ich bin Judas!
Viel Vergnügen!

Yes, this is me, Judas, and no, I wont betray you for 30 pieces of rotten silver, you can be sure of that....!
Today is the day that we lay rest to a one time deviant...namely 'SoulS-u-r-f-e-r'...he had lots of chuckles here and made some great friends along the way....
Anyway enough!! Ich bin Judas...Ja! It's my turn now..Hear me...

I have an interest in all kinds of art and photography...I like propaganda, political art, pop art, tattoo design, I am a Third Reich historian & collector of all things from this period, so I will say this once, and once only...'I am not here to promote any form of racial hatred, fascism or whatever...I am interested in this era for purely 'historic' reasons.... I am not here to offend or annoy, so...If you dislike any of my future work I suggest you 'stop'...take a step back, breathe deeply and review the this & move along..without venting your anger on my dearly beloved page.....

Please PM me if you feel you need to shout your angst...I will listen to your views...but I may not be interested in them dont expect me to be 'worried' because this is the internet remember, you can type all you want...its just words...your not a threat to me as I am not to dont waste yours or my time with tittle tattle...!

Please comment on any of my work, I am all ears for art/photography advice etc, I am not interested in who done what in the past...its the Now that I live in....

  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Droning spazoids
  • Reading: is in Berkshire...
  • Watching: my hen
  • Playing: The fool
  • Eating: a chupa chups lollypop
  • Drinking: Wine spoo de odee
  • Mood: Yearning
  • Listening to: the sound of my heartbeat
  • Reading: is in Berkshire...
  • Watching: You watching me..
  • Playing: Truant
  • Eating: Junk
  • Drinking: Wine spoodee oodee
Greetings everyone, I is he who is 'Judas'...I am the dominant force from within the psyche of somebodys ego...!
I am here to promote my art/ photography and to declare my undying love for my very special Jezebel ...I am on a journey, a life journey to find the answers to questions I may trip upon in future disputes..Dead is dead is dead is dead...JEA! you know...dont you? Try to ruffle me? and you'll be sorry...and it will be all your fault...coz you did it didnt you....yes you did....I look forward to any challenge with glee.....Hold on and experience the whirlwind ride that is Judas & Jezebels Jaded true love grow and flourish...see how some people just 'click' into place with one will all be here....yes it will...JEA...

Keep watching...